contract [kän′trakt΄] for n. & usually for vt.1 & vi.1 [; kən trakt′] for v. generally
[OFr < L contractus, pp. of contrahere, to draw together, make a bargain < com-, together + trahere, to DRAW]
1. an agreement between two or more people to do something, esp. one formally set forth in writing and enforceable by law; compact; covenant
2. a formal agreement of marriage or betrothal
3. a document containing the terms of a contract
4. the branch of law having to do with contracts
5. Informal an assignment to murder someone for pay
6. Bridge
a) the highest bid in an auction
b) the number of tricks, and the suit or no-trump preference, stated in such a bid
a) to enter upon, or undertake, by contract
b) to hire (a person, business, etc.) to perform under contract [we contracted him to fix the roof]
2. to get, acquire, or incur [to contract a disease, a debt, etc.]
a) to reduce in size; draw together; narrow; shrink; shorten [cold contracts metals]
b) to draw (the brow or brows) together; knit
4. to narrow in scope; restrict
5. Rare to betroth
6. Gram. to shorten (a word or phrase) by the omission of a letter or sound, as in I'm, e'er, can't
1. to make a contract; agree formally [to contract for a new car]
2. to become reduced in size or bulk; draw together; shrink; narrow; shorten
contract out
1. to assign (a job) by contract; specif., to subcontract
2. Chiefly Brit. to withdraw from a contract or agreement
SYN.- CONTRACT implies a drawing together of surface or parts and a resultant decrease in size, bulk, or extent; to SHRINK is to contract so as to be short of the normal or required length, amount, extent, etc. [those shirts have shrunk]; CONDENSE suggests reduction of something into a more compact or more dense form without loss of essential content [condensed milk; to COMPRESS is to press or squeeze into a more compact, orderly form [a lifetime's work compressed into one volume ]; DEFLATE implies a reduction in size or bulk by the removal of air, gas, or in extended use, anything insubstantial [to deflate a balloon, one's ego, etc. ] -ANT. EXPAND, INFLATE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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